We are here to provide answers to both employers and employees.

For example, we answer questions like the following:

  • What do I need to hire someone for the first time?
  • Is the contract I drew up for hiring an employee okay?
  • How do I make arrangements for social insurance?
  • What are the 36 articles of the Labor Standards Act?
  • I am not sure if I calculated overtime correctly.
  • I do not understand some of the employment laws or conditions.

What is the Sendai Employment-Labor Consultation Center?

Our professional staff (lawyers, labor and social security attorneys) will offer free consultations about any questions or worries concerning the employment rules for both employers and employees. Our organization was set up for the purpose of preventing independent labor disputes based on the Law for National Strategic Economic Zone.

Coordination with Sendai
Entrepreneurial Support Center

In order to realize the goal of turning Sendai into "the easiest city in Japan to start a business," entrepreneurial seminars and exchange programs are held at the Sendai Entrepreneurial Support Center, Ashi☆Sta. The center is located inside the Ashi☆Sta Exchange Salon, and we work together with Ashi☆Sta to help you begin your own business.

If you reside within the national special strategic district of Sendai, anyone can ask for consultation.