Our "Lawyers" and "Labor and Social Security Attorneys" will offer consultations concerning labor and labor laws.

Our social insurance labor consultants will hear your general inquiries concerning labor in general, and will provide advanced special consultation, or have you come in for a private visit to provide necessary advice and consultation according to your needs.

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CASE1Is it difficult for private business owners to hire employees?

CASE1 I opened a ramen noodle shop. Thanks to my loyal customers, my business flourished and I became very busy, so I decided to hire a part-time worker and increase productivity. However, since it was my first time to hire someone, I didn't know what to do, so I called the Sendai Employment-Labor Consultation Center.

I told the consultant my problem, and was able to receive an individual consultation visit by the social insurance labor attorney, who explained the methods and instructions for signing up for social insurance, the labor laws, labor contracts and etc., so I was able to hire a part-time employee.

I always believed it was very difficult for private business owners to hire someone, but after speaking to a labor attorney, everything proceeded smoothly. Now, I want to work hard with my employees to provide delicious ramen noodles to our customers.

CASE2By hiring a senior citizen, I was able to get an employment subsidy as well!

CASE2 Last year, I started a business that develops and sells soil improving agents, so I decided to hire new employees, and visited the labor consultant center.

I figured that if I was going to hire someone, that it would be good to hire someone older, who has a lot of life experiences, so I explained my thoughts to the consultant. The consultant advised me that, if I were to hire a senior citizen, I could be eligible for an employment subsidy, and introduced me to the system of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. I was also advised on labor laws, how to draw up labor condition announcements, and how to sign up for social insurance for my employees.

Two months after my consultation, I was able to successfully hire a senior citizen, based on the advice I was given, which lead not merely to social contribution on my part, by hiring a senior citizen, but also provided me with financial help in the shape of an employment subsidy.

Hiring a senior citizen who has a wealth of life experiences and knowledge, was the best idea and a major success. I am truly glad I was able to get advice from the consultant.

CASE3The consultation was a very big help to a foreigner like myself

CASE3 When I wanted to open an English conversation school, I acquired a start up visa(Startup Promotion Initiative for Foreigners), a policy recognized for special cases in Sendai, which is a registered national strategic district. Afterward, I did not know how to hire employees who would work when the school opened, so I visited the city of Sendai, and was directed to the Sendai Employment-Labour Consultation Center. The designated social security attorneys and lawyers were able to help me write hiring contracts, understand labour laws and methods, how to draw up labour conditions, make amendments, and gave me the knowledge necessary in hiring employees, such as on labour, social and unemployment insurance. Even for a foreigner like myself, the English was understandable, and the consultants were very kind and helpful. I am very grateful for their support. My English school is currently open, and busy every single day. I was able to realize my dream, thanks to the help and support from the Sendai Employment-Labour Consultation Center.