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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
  • (1) All information gathered on this site will be used only to provide various services conducted by the employment-labor consultation center.
  • (2) Information gathered on this site will be used only for the purposes of (1), and not be shared with third parties except in cases (ア)through (エ).However, some statistical information concerning access to information on our site, as well as user demographics may be made public.
    • ア)In the event that disclosure is required by law.
    • イ)If we receive permission from user.
    • ウ)When commissioning data processing of various information acquired on our site, to a contracted third party who has a clear understanding of our site policy and who has signed a confidentiality agreement.
    • エ)In other situations that have a special reason.
  • (3) We have put in place necessary measures to properly manage as well as prevent information gathered on our site from being leaked, lost or destroyed, or used for the defamation of character of our users.